My name is Marjie Gignac, I am an auto finance specialist. I, along with my partner, Rob Balint, are very proud to celebrate Velvet Financing’s 9th Anniversary this September. We introduced Velvet Financing to the Windsor area back in 2009 because we saw a need for Local Auto Financing.

We understand that bad things happen to good people every day! Living in SW Ontario we all know from personal experience the hardship you or a loved one may have endured due to the economy. My family is no exception!

I personally guarantee that I will get you approved for a reliable vehicle with a reliable lender in no time.

Velvet Financing will help you take the next step back to good credit. All within a couple of days! Let the 20 years of my auto finance experience helping people help you too. We have lived in Windsor all of our lives with friends and family throughout the tri-county area. We are local people that understand our local problems & we will fight for you even when the lenders in Toronto just don’t get it or don’t seem to understand.

We do, and we will make it happen for you, too!