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Thank you once again from Velvet Financing!

I have never seen such a dedicated team on individuals in my life, working miracles in getting me into a vehicle at least 4 years newer than I had ever dreamed. Velvet Financing works with their client and gives you the choice of the best vehicle possible. There is no deceiving here, only people that want to put you in the car that did not seem within reach. I am very, very glad I went to them for assistance and would never use any other vehicle financing service. Thank you for a really great job.!!!


I tried EVERYWHERE!! Same answer, sorry. Marg told me no problem and in 2 days I was driving away in the van I always wanted and at a cheap, affordable payment as I wanted! They do NOT turn ANYONE away. You got a pay stub, you WILL be approved!


Great experience! Wonderful people that really want to help! Do not hesitate to contact them I promise you will be so happy you did!


Rob, Marjie… thank you!
I am only 1 1/2 months out of bankruptcy, and you managed to get me into a new car. From what I have read, and been told from other places, my interest rates were going to be through the roof! you guys not only managed to get me a loan, but you also got me a really decent rate!  (more…)


Dennis, Thanks for approving me for a newer car velvet even gave me heads up about good dealerships in the Windsor area.Other banks would not look at me with my credit know i got a newer vehicle that i really needed.



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